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>> Rest in Peace our dear friend.. People around world are totally blanked out.
>> Michael Jackson finally left all of us alone. The where will the world turn for entertainment.

29 June 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy "leaked" is Fake!

That “leaked” Michael Jackson autopsy report is reportedly a fake!

A “leaked” Michael Jackson autopsy report was the headline in a British tabloid Monday. The Sun claimed Jackson’s was bald, covered with needle wounds, bruises, and had broken ribs in a leaked report it had obtained.

A subsequent report says the “report” is totally fabricated.

Bald, emaciated, disfigured, 112 pounds, are among the claims the British tabloid had run. But a later story Monday morning calls the Sun’s allegations and the report completely “fabricated” and “false.

What is correct is the following:
1. The complete Los Angeles coroner’s autopsy report won’t be finished for 4-6 weeks
2. The Jackson family has ordered an independent third party autopsy report to be conducted. Its timeline for completion is yet unknown.


  1. i agree with family members of mj.autopsy report may be false.

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