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03 June 2007


Videos from Dangerous | MJ Discography
Track listing
  1. "Jam" featuring Heavy D
  2. "Why You Wanna Trip On Me"
  3. "In the Closet"
  4. "She Drives Me Wild"
  5. "Remember the Time"
  6. "Can't Let Her Get Away"
  7. "Heal the World"
  8. "Black or White"
  9. "Who Is It"
  10. "Give In To Me"
  11. "Will You Be There"
  12. "Keep the Faith"
  13. "Gone Too Soon"
  14. "Dangerous"
Album Information

The Dangerous album was released on November 26, 1991, and became the fastest selling number one album, breaking the records by entering the charts at #1 only 3 days after it's release! It was also the first album released by Sony music that had a Thursday release date, rather than the traditional Monday release.

This was the first solo album by Michael Jackson that was not produced by Quincy Jones.
The album has sold over 21 million copies worldwide to date.
Guest appearances on this album were made by rapper L.T.B, Princess Stephanie of Monacco (credited as the "Mystery Girl"), and Slash.

  • Executive producer: Michael Jackson
  • Recorded and mixed by Bruce Swedien, Teddy Riley and Bill Bottrell
  • Technical directors: Brad Sundberg and Thom Russo
  • Additional engineering by Dave Way, Matt Forger, Jean-Marie Horvat, Richard Cottrell and Kevin Gilbert
  • Assistant engineers: Brad Sundberg, Bart Stevens, Thom Russo, John Chamberlain, Rail Rogut, Dan Bosworth, Julie East and Elaine Anderson
  • Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Known outtakes from Dangerous:
  • "A Baby Smiles"
  • "Bottle Of Smoke"
  • "Dangerous" (early version, appeared on The Ultimate Collection)
  • "Fever"
  • "For All Time" (leaked online)
  • "Girls Of Another Love"
  • "If You Don't Love Me" (leaked online)
  • "Men In Black" (unshared snippet)
  • "Monkey Business" (appeared on The Ultimate Collection)
  • "Planet Earth"
  • "Pretty Faces"
  • "Satisfy You" (Duet with Brian Loren, leaked online)
  • "Serious Effect" (with LL Cool J) (leaked online)
  • "Seven Digits"
  • "She Got It" (snippet leaked online)
  • "Someone Put Your Hand Out" (Released on Pepsi promo cassette, also later included on The Ultimate Collection)
  • "Trust About Youth"
  • "What About Us" (later became "Earth Song")
  • "Work That Body" (snippet leaked online)
On a recent ITV documentary The One And Only Michael Jackson, collaborators stated that Jackson started Dangerous with 60 songs, suggesting that there are far more outtakes than those leaked online or released subsequently.

Other Information

In March of 1991, Michael Jackson signed an all new 15 year, 6 album deal with Sony; that November he delivered his first - Dangerous. Jackson ended his association with Quincy Jones, and enlisted the producing talents of new jack swing inventor Teddy Riley. The RIAA certified Dangerous at 7x Platinum, internationally the album has sold an estimated 30 million copies, tying it with Bad as the second best-selling album of Jackson's career. The album spawned seven top ten hit single's in the UK - Jackson's best in the UK. The album gained a total of 73x Platinum certifications throughout the world. The major hits included "Black or White", "Remember the Time", "In the Closet", "Heal the World", "Who Is It", "Jam", and "Will You Be There".

As was becoming the standard for Jackson, the album's music videos were among the most costly and innovative of their time. Several of the music videos taken from the Dangerous album had complex storylines and dance sequences, and featured cameo appearances by celebrities. The video for "Jam", directed by David Kellogg, showed Jackson and Michael Jordan playing basketball and dancing together, while "Remember the Time" was set in an ancient Egyptian palace, and starred Eddie Murphy and Iman as the pharaoh and his queen. The video also featured a cameo by NBA player Magic Johnson. "In the Closet" featured Jackson and supermodel Naomi Campbell as lovers. The director of the video was photographer Herb Ritts, who also photographed Jackson in a series of promotional shots for the release of the Dangerous album.

"Black or White" was originally over ten minutes long, it premiered simultaneously on November 14, 1991 on MTV, VH1, BET, and FOX. The video is extremely noteworthy for featuring one of the earliest examples of computer-generated morphing. The last four minutes of the video also induced much controversy, as it depicted Jackson smashing store windows and destroying a car with a crowbar. This destructive behaviour was intended to imply a message of anti-racism, however. MTV and the other music video networks decided to excise the last four minutes of the "Black or White" video for all subsequent airings, and Jackson issued a statement apologizing to anyone who had been offended, and explaining that he tried to interpret the animal instinct of panthers into a dance. The video featured Macaulay Culkin (among others) and was directed by John Landis, also the director of the "Thriller" short film.

The album cover was by Mark Ryden. On November 20, 1991, a group of armed men stole 30,000 copies of Dangerous from a terminal at Los Angeles Airport due to its immense popularity.

Jackson would not release another full-length album of only all new songs for 10 years, with Invincible in 2001. HIStory, released in 1995, did contain a full disc of new material, but was only available in a double-disc set, the first CD containing previous hits.

A Special Edition of the album appeared in 2001. The Special Edition was digitally remastered and included a slipcase, revised artwork and previously unseen photos. Because of the constraints of Dangerous' running time, previously unreleased songs were not included, however many of them were eventually leaked onto the internet along with various demos of other tracks that appeared on the album. In 2004, some of these leaked tracks were officially released on Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection (namely the Dangerous Demo and Monkey Business).


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