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>> Rest in Peace our dear friend.. People around world are totally blanked out.
>> Michael Jackson finally left all of us alone. The where will the world turn for entertainment.

28 April 2007

Possible Upcoming Album Songs

1. "I'm Dreamin' (Of A New Day)"
* Written and composed by Michael Jackson and will.i.am
2. "If You Don't Get It"
* Written and composed by John Legend and will.i.am
3. "What's It Gonna Be"
* Written and composed by Michael Jackson
4. "You Are So Beautiful"
* Written and composed by Michael Jackson
> This song is a dedication to his fans' support throughout his 2005 child molestation trial and was written during the trial.
5. "Days Of The Broken Hearted"(feat. Whitney Houston)
* Written by Michael Jackson
> This is a vocal duet with Whitney Houston, as a special favour to Michael. The song was recorded in Michael's studio at Las Vegas, in aftermath of Michael's child molestation aqquital.
6. "Trial Of The Century"(feat.50 Cent)
* Written by Michael Jackson and 50 Cent
> This song was romoured to be written in abid to tap into the modern urban market in a bid to revive Michaels career.
7. "A New Beginning"(feat.Akon)
* Written by Michael Jackson and Akon
> This song was written to state that Jackson wants to start a new era in his career and forget about his trial and start over a new.
8. "Two Of A Kind"(feat.Chris Brown)
* Written By Chris Brown with a little help from Michael Jackson
> This song was written by C.Brown Saying how much Michael Jackson has inspired him since childhood