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>> Rest in Peace our dear friend.. People around world are totally blanked out.
>> Michael Jackson finally left all of us alone. The where will the world turn for entertainment.

23 June 2007

Quotes about Michael Jackson

  • When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing.
  • There are two kinds of people in this world: Michael Jackson fans and losers.
  • Of every album I have listened to, the best of the year by far has been Invincible. Michael Jackson deserves a lot more credit than he is getting, one of the most influential performers of all time.
  • He is a very smart cookie, Michael. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is doing. I have nothing but admiration. Also, he is a very kind person.
  • He is what every artist looks up to...to be... one time become the next King of Pop.
  • My feelings about Michael Jackson are simple: I think that he's a human being like everyone else and I'm a huge fan of him.
  • Michael is magic and all magic people are somehow eccentric. Michael is one of the most lovable, kind and natural people I've ever known. I took him deeply to my heart. I would do everything for him and he would do everything for me.
  • Michael is the wisest and at the same time most naive person I know.
  • He's sort of a fawn in a burning forest. It's a nice place where Michael comes from. I wish we could all spend some time in his world.
  • I'd be proud to have that kid (Michael) as my son any day.
  • All this stuff about Michael being a weirdo — it's a pile of goddam... I've recorded a whole lot of these pop-musicians and this guy's the straightest of the goddam lot.
  • Michael I believed in you when you were a little kid, I believe in you now and I'll never stop believing in you!
  • Michael's a natural. He's a very hard worker and a super performer. But most of all he's a real human being.
  • Michael is a generous, honest, and sensitive human being, filled with amazing insight and the capacity for love. If this is weird, I want to go live on another planet.
  • I think Michael Jackson is the best entertainer to ever walk this planet. He dancers, sings and writes songs. He is one true legend.
  • The thing about Michael is he's hands down one of the most professional, most talented performers I have ever worked with. All the bro haa haa aside, when it comes down to it you can have 60 choreographed dancers up there and you know which one Michael is.
  • Ethics can be argued. You may think it's right. I may think it's wrong. The law is there to decide if it's allowed. Period. Yes. I would have bought the Beatles publishing rights if I had the opportunity.
  • Everyone's thinking they're the new W. Axl Rose, just running their mouths and living in this world where nothing is real. Like, it's really easy to write a couple of songs, but that doesn't mean you get to run your mouth. The only guy who can do that is Michael Jackson. He wrote Thriller, so he can say whatever the fuck he wants.
  • Working with Michael Jackson was probably the best recording experience of my life. He was totally cool, absolutely professional and a beautiful, beautiful guy. And let’s not forget, he's a musical genius.

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