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>> Rest in Peace our dear friend.. People around world are totally blanked out.
>> Michael Jackson finally left all of us alone. The where will the world turn for entertainment.

13 June 2007

Michael Jackson | World Records

Michael Broke every possible record in music history..Here are a few.
1. Thriller the best selling album of all time, with sales more than 104 million. (Thats more than the population in India )
2. Bad: Michael Jackson, is the only man who achieved 5 number one singles from a single album
3. Bad is the ninth Biggest selling album in according to British History. (-UK Charts)
4. Dangerous, the fastest selling number one album, breaking the records by entering the charts at #1 only 3 days after it's release.
5. History: In revenue terms, it was the second highest grossing album after Thriller for Jackson.
6. History: If each disc was counted separately, it would be counted in the top 20 best-selling albums of all time.
7. Blood On The Dance Floor: Biggest selling Remix album ever with sales over 6 Million copies

1. Michael was the first dance-pop artist in history to sell out Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. He performed two sold out shows at the 35,000-capacity venue.

more facts to be added.. Stay tuned

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