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28 May 2007

Vegeance or 7EVEN ??

Just found on Wikipedia.. Another running or rumored title of MJ's 2007 Album is 'Vengeance'.

Although there has been a lot of speculation on fan websites and in the press, the title of Michael Jackson's upcoming album has yet to be released.One title that is rumoured is called "7-Even" because it is Michael's 7th studio record as a solo artist.Another one is is called Vengeance.

- Wikipedia

It has got still more information about the album.
Read this article on Wikipedia - "Michael Jackson 2007 Album"


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2007

    I like the name "7even", its a magic number and he could use it in many different ways in an album. "Vageance" is ok but isn t revange "better"?
    This is Michael Jacksons last change to make a comeback, I hope he takes it!

  2. But it is not Jackson's seventh album, it is his 12th. As a teen he released solo albums and those also count in his career. Now, if you wish to argue that it is his seventh album as an adult, that's more understandable but still wrong. It would be his eighth. BTW, why is MJ depending on so many collaborations these days? Surely his voice needs no other to "assist" the music.

  3. I'd like to hear an album of duets with Michael's contemporaries. You know, Donnie Osmond, David Cassidy, and Tony DeFranco.